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Limited Seasonal Availability


Certified Rusian Queens

$28 + Shipping


Certified Russian Five Frame Nucs


Pickup Only


Certified Russian Packages


Pickup Only

To Place An Order,

Call: 601-716-3171

Disclaimer: When picking up Nucs or Packages you should bring protective gear. Bees travel best in/on an open truck bed. We strongly encourage everyone to transport Nucs on/in the back of an open truck bed. Once you have selected and loaded your Nucs, we are no longer responsible. We cannot guarantee a nuc’s success.

Note: Before clicking the button below, please call or email to place an order. This button only exists to pay for orders that already exist. After placing an order, please enter the total price given to you in the PayPal box. Note that the PayPal window says "Donation". This is a limitation of Paypal

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