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Our Story

    Coy’s Honey Farm, Inc. was founded in the late 1960s to produce honey from agricultural fields in Northeast Arkansas. What started as a hobby has grown into a family beekeeping affair. As a fourth-generation beekeeping business, we are serious about beekeeping.


    During the early years of beekeeping, Coy’s Honey Farm, Inc. concentrated on producing Soybean and Cotton Honey. Over time, we began to expand our operation. Our beehives travel the USA pollinating Almonds and producing delicious, golden 100% US honey.

    With the changes in agriculture practices, we realized our hives did not have access to diverse pollen-producing plants. We decided to begin keeping bees in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region. Located in Stone County, MS, our beehives are in areas of open fields, woodlands, and wetlands. The area provides a variety and abundance of nectar and pollen-producing plants that bloom from January through June. Such plant varieties include Privet Hedge, Gallberry, Tallow, Yaupon, and American Holly.


    In the summer months, beehives are moved to honey-producing areas such as North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and North MS.

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